Technical Support and Guidance

If you have not used this system before, we recommend that you read the eTendering Portal User Guide slides before completing your registration. This gives an overview on how to use the system. Quick Guides are also available to help you with particular areas of the portal.

You may also access the information on this Technical Support and Guidance page after you have registered or logged on. It will be available through a link in the right hand side of the page when you have logged on. Further guidance is available as you are using the system through "Supplier Help". Supplier Help is available by clicking on 'Help for Suppliers' icons which appear in several parts of the eTendering system. Please note that Supplier Help is not LAA-specific; we recommend that you read the LAA guidance below.

eTendering Portal User Guide

The slides contain screen shots that provide a tour through the system from registering to completing a response to a PQQ or ITT.

Please note: the Cabinet Office has introduced a new Selection Questionnaire (SQ) which replaces the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ). LAA tender documentation therefore refers to the SQ. However, the eTendering system has not yet been updated to reflect this change and continues to use the term Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ).

Please click on the link above to open the slides. You can print out these slides so you have the information to hand as you go through the eTendering Portal.

Quick Guides

Four Quick Guides are available to provide an overview of common areas of the portal. Please click on the links below to open these guides. You can print these so you have them to hand.

Contact us

If you have any technical problems using the eTendering portal and cannot find a solution in the guidance documents above or within 'Supplier Help' within the system contact our eTendering Helpdesk.

To help us deal with your enquiry as promptly as possible please be ready with the following:

We recommend that you start to complete your tender response early so that you identify any areas where you need help as soon as possible. The helpdesk team is likely to be very busy in the days leading up to tender deadlines.

The eTendering Helpdesk will only be able to help with technical queries related to how to use the eTendering system.

If you have any queries about the content of the tender process or the Information For Applicants document (IFA), such as queries about tender criteria, you should send a message through the relevant message board in the eTendering system. Further information on how to ask questions, including any applicable deadline for questions, is available in the relevant Information For Applicants document.

Important Note:

The Technical Helpdesk will not be able to assist with problems with your own computer hardware or systems; for these types of issues you should contact your usual IT support.